SumoMe:See How Jon Dykstra Made Tons Of Traffic And Money With It

SumoMe: I call this free- apps :"Complete Traffic Engine".Why ???.You might ask.Probably,you have not heard the phrase "traffic engine",anywhere.But that's what qualifies SumoMe.As it is already known to us that we can't make money online without enough website traffic.
It has all it takes for anyone to make ton of website traffic and income on the internet.This very site has essential online tools and apps such as:List Builder,Heatmaps,Image Sharer,Welcome Mat,Scroll Box,Share,Content Analytics,Smart Bar,Highlighter and Contact Form.What's the big deal?.It's all free !!!
Read my round -up post on how Jon Dykstra made lots of traffic,conversion and sales using SumoMe.Here it goes:

If you want free traffic, publish content visitors share.  It’s that simple.
While one of my niche blogs averages 3,500 to 4,500 daily organic search visitors, that’s a fraction of the traffic generated from social media (especially Facebook).
Currently one of my niche sites gets 30,000 to 35,000 daily page views, much of it from social sharing.  Check it out !!
Jon Dykstra

How do I get 600 to 800 ADDITIONAL social shares EACH day?

(36,000 Pageviews/Day)

Keep in mind this is additional shares.  It does not include the shares from my left-side floating sharing buttons and below-content sharing buttons.  These are additional.

You’re going to love the answer because it’s so simple.
I use the SumoMe plugin for WordPress.
Specifically, I use the Image Sharer feature included with the SumoMe plugin.
Here’s the best part.  SumoMe is FREE.  Okay, you do need to pay $10 to remove the SumoMe branding; otherwise it’s free.  I did pay the $10 because I hate third party branding on my site… but that $10 was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.
Other SumoMe Apps
I only use the image sharing app.  But they offer several others and are rolling out new apps all the time.  They offer opt in forms apps, including an exit intent option, contact forms, traditional share buttons and heatmap/analytics apps. Since I only use the image sharer app, that will be my focus in this SumoMe review.  The set up and settings and installation for other apps are pretty much the same.  It’s a really simple plugin to use.

What does SumoMe Image Sharer do?
When a website visitor hovers over an image, 3 social media buttons show up.  They are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
While the hovering Pinterest button is nothing new, the Facebook hover button is, and it’s brilliant.  I’d rather have 1 Facebook share than 20 Pins.  For my site, Facebook traffic is far more plentiful and more valuable.Go ahead – hover on any image on this page and look for the social sharing buttons that appear.

How to set up and install SumoMe (specifically the Image Sharer)
You’ll need to download the plugin and upload it in the usual fashion.
Once the SumoMe plugin is uploaded to your site, take the following steps.
Step 1:  Open Up SumoMe
Go to your website and there is a small blue icon in the top right.  Hover over it with your cursor and a Crown icon will appear.  Click that icon.
Sign up or log in.

Step 2:  Badge Location
If you don’t pay $10, you’ll have to live with the badge on your site.  You can choose the location.

Step 3:  Hiding the SumoMe Badge/Logo
I chose to hide the badge.  Therefore, I paid the $10.  Upon doing so, the “Hidden” option appears for badge location. 
Step 4:  Select the Sumo Store

Step 5:  Select the Image Sharer App
FYI – you can use any and all of the SumoMe apps.  They offer a good variety.  Play around.  For me, the image sharer is the best app.
 Step 6:  Install Image Sharer (or whatever apps you choose)
 Choose the particular app you want to use here.

Step 7:  Test It.
Personally,I'm using the image sharer on my sites,and I'm getting tangible real traffic with it.
Go to your website and hover over an image.  If you see the 3 sharing buttons in the center, you have success.