E-Currency-Electronic Currency-E-money:Reliable E-Currency Exchanger Services You Can Trust

The need for an exchanger cannot be over-emphasized.We need the services of a currency exchanger,either to buy,sell or change electrnic currencies.
When it is to convert one ecurency to another,you will need a reliable exchanger to do so.
Therefore,we should try and identify with a certified currency exchanger to do such things.
Below,here are 6 Authorized and reliable electronic currency dealers I have personally monitored,reviewed
 and found reliable.They include:
1.Payeer : Payeer is more than an exchanger.Why ?.Because,it's both an exchanger and a currency on it's own.The Payeer company issues ecurrency- a legal tender that is accepted by online sellers and buyers across the world.There are two denominations of Payeer:Payeer/USD and Payeer/EUR.
Many affiliate referral programs use Payeer as payment method.Online stores do also accept this unique electronic money at their POS terminal on the web.You can sell,buy or exchange over 150 different types of ecurrencies on Payeer.Paypal,Paxum,Pecunix,Skrill,Neteller,UnionPay,
Perfectmoney,Webmoney,Bitcoin,SolidTrustPay,Master/Visa cards,and all others.
Affiliate Program:Payeer's referral program is called partner program.
As you sign up,you will be given a URL link,with access to banners and other promotional tools.
Commission:Up to 40% commission is being paid by Payeer Partner program.Sign up now.
2.Superchange:Superchange is a versatile exchanger you should trust.Based in Russia,and does business with people all over the world.Superchange has large reserves of Paypal,Skrill,Payeer,Pecunix,STP,Webmoney,Perfectmoney,Payza
,China UnionPay,Neteller.Yandex.Money,Bitcoin,etc.On Superchange exchanger services,you can sell,buy or exchange with Western Union,Moneygram,
Visa and Master credit/debit cards or wire transfer,etc.
Register  free account,to start exchanging on Superchange.
Affiliate Program:Superchange has a high paying partner program.
Commission:Earn 30% commission from profits generated from your referral links.
Earn another 10% commission from your second level referrals.Still,you will earn another lifetime commissions from profits made from customers who conducted exchange through your own referral links.
Minimum payout is USD 1.Withdraw into any ecurrency of your choice.Register now to either buy,sell,exchange or to promote Superchange.
3.P2PChange:It's an automated exchanger service that does business with customers from all over the world.P2PChange specialize mainly in Perfectmoney to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Perfectmoney exchange.
Buy,sell or exchange your BTC-e/USD
Affiliate Program: Affiliate program on P2PChange is called partner's program.
Commission: You will earn 20% from profits made through your referred customers.Sign up now,and start buying or sell or exchange your currency from one to another.All things are yours.

4.Netex:Netex is a verified but trusted automatic exchanger.Get discount up to 20%
whenever you use Netex
exchanger services.The automatic system allows you to buy,sell or exchange your ecurrency from one type to another.
Supported electronic money include:Webmoney,Paypal,Payza,Paxum,Perfectmoney,SolidTrustPay(STP),ePayments,Egopay,Okpay,Privat24,BTC-e,Western Union,Moneygram,Visa/Master cardsQIWI,AdVcash,Wire Transfer,etc.
Affiliate Program:Netex affiliate program is christened Partner's Program,you are paid 10%
 from every profit made through your referral's transactions.You can do exchange on the site even without registration.When you exchange or buy your currency from Netex,you will get 20% discount.Netex even helps you to own an exchange website.Register to join

5.Rchange:RChange is a trusted and verified exchanger service,with fully automated systems.
This exchanger has ecurrency reserves large enough to satisfy numerous customers from all over the world.
A Seychelles-based company serving numerous customers all over the world.
RChange is an authorized agent of popular ecurrency issuing companies including Paxum,Webmoney,Perfectmoney,Yandex.Money
,Paypal,Payeer,Soidtrustpay-STP,Pecunix,Bitcoin,Litecoin,Western Union,Moneygram,China UnionPay,
Neteller,Egopay,OkPay,Skrill,Visa card,Master card,Bank Wire,Swift,and many more.
It's e-wallet top-up and cashout(withdrawal) service is one of the fastest.
RChange does not extend it's exchange services to USA citizens home or abroad.
Exchange Discount:Up to 20%.
Register a free account now.Referral Program:Affiliates earn up to 20% as commission.

6.Bestchange:Bestchange is an exchanger monitor service.
It is an ''Exchangers Watch'', which keeps an eagle on a List of Reliable E-Currency Exchangers,24/7-365 days for over 5years now.
Bestchange constantly queries dozens of trusted and reliable e-money exchanger services on the internet,in order to obtain the most recent changes in exchange rates
,to determine trends on the e-currency market,and equally reflect them on an easy-to-read charts and tables.

The monitor service updates exchange rates at 5-10 second intervals
 which is sufficient for informing users about the smallest fluctuations

on the e-currency exchange market.
This lets users make educated decisions about the right moment for converting funds.Get started now.Bestchange supports all maj-
or types of virtual currencies,including Paypal,Paxum,Egopay,Okpay,Solidtrustpay,Payeer,Perfectmoney,Bitcoin,Payza,Skrill(Moneybookers),Webmoney,Ukash,Visa,Master cards,Western Union,Moneygram.
With it's intuitive navigation,selection of currency pairs,is amatter of one click!.The system also features
,a convenient rate history module that allows you to analyze and visualize market trends over period of 1 hour to 1 year ,shares of
 specific currencies,shares of specific exchangers ,as well as reserves of national and virtual currencies.
If the exchanger you selected does not have enough ecurrency of necessary type
 or their rate is higher than what you were hoping for,you can
send notification to your email/ICQ/WMID,when one or both your conditions are met.Get started now.


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